One of the first Private Equity firms in the cannabis industry, we’ve allocated $100+ million, to 40+ companies since 2014…and we're just getting started. 

Entourage Effect Capital, formerly Cresco Capital Partners, is a US private equity investment firm, dedicated to investing in strategically in the cannabis industry.

EEC sets itself apart by taking an active role in adding value to the management teams of its portfolio companies. As we are in Cannabis, we call it “the Entourage Effect,” which is a scientific term meaning that the compounds within the plant work in concert to create a sum that is greater than any of its parts.

EEC brings this comprehensive approach to their investing strategy, not waiting for success to come to companies, but working to orchestrate it. EEC companies have had11 monetization events, with some of the leading names in cannabis such as Acreage, GTI, Ebbu, and Form Factory.



Portfolio Company Highlights